Carrefour to revitalise hypermarkets in France

The head of Carrefour’s hypermarkets in France, Alain Rabec, has said the retailer is looking to revitalise the format in the country, in an interview in national newspaper Le Figaro. The strategy will involve shrinking the stores, adding outlet departments and creating areas for bio (organic) in the retailer’s largest stores. Rabec said Carrefour was aiming to adapt 5% of the selling space in its hypermarkets, which is about 100,000 sq. m. The repurposing will see selling space adapted to new uses. One such use is an outlet department for unsold clothing, electronics and other non-food products, with 12 hypermarkets set to include an outlet area by the end of 2018. Elsewhere, Carrefour is looking to separate space for third-party brands or other of its own brands. Rabec said an example could see 1,000 sq. m of a hypermarket converted for a Promocash wholesale store.

A key part of Carrefour’s 2022 Transformation Plan, across all its formats but set to play a major role in making hypermarkets more attractive to shoppers, is to increase its sales of food. As part of the 2022 plan, it said it wanted to have: One million more shoppers for fresh food in France by 2022; Fresh food sales growth three times higher than that of FMCG by 2022; Target of 5 billion euros in organic sales in 2022; and Generate one third of the turnover through Carrefour-branded products by 2022 The rejuvenation of its hypermarkets will play a role in these aims. More selling space will be dedicated to fresh categories, such as bakery and butchers. Organic and local ranges will be upweighted, with bio (organic) shop-in-shops added in some. Since the end of 2017, Rabec said, Carrefour has been trialling a new fulfilment solution in conjunction with hypermarkets, a hybrid Drive. Carrefour has been experimenting with the new solution since the end of 2017, with trade publication Lineaires saying that three hypermarkets are serving as pilots: Chartres (28), Vitrolles (13), already operational, and Aix-en-Provence (13) going live in June.

The hybrid Drives see Carrefour pick ambient ranges from the Drive area, while fresh products and lower demand items picked in the hypermarket from which the Drive has been added. The new solution expands the range of products a shopper can order to 15,000 SKU’s, from 10,000, with the same promotions available at the Drive as in store. The addition of the hybrid Drives is aimed at improving the productivity and profitability of its drives. The new solutions can process twice as many orders as a standard Drive by enabling more orders per day to be prepared - at 300 - by reducing the preparation time by 20% to 30%. The hybrid Drives will be supplied as part of the same supply chain solution as the hypermarket, rather than being supplied as if it were a standalone store. (

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